Learning the Orchestra
A one-hour per week, for four weeks, lecture designed to teach children what the instruments of the orchestra look and sound like

Harmonic Substitution for Guitar
A lecture and demonstration with handouts from Dom’s new book A Guitarists’ Ultimate Guide To Chord Construction and Substitution. The lecture covers chord structuring, en-harmonic chords, essentials of chromatic substitution, when to substitute and when not to substitute. Chord melodies.

A lecture and demonstration on the different approaches to improvising which includes scales, chromatics, intervals, harmonic resources and Dom's own particular method based on his book Stress Points.

Improvisation for String/Woodwind/Brass Ensembles
For Those Who have Never Improvised Before
Original though compose music, is used as a beginning approach to free form improvisation. Students will be guided every step of the way to let go and listen, create & harmonize with other musicians to form music they are not accustom to playing.

The Art of Takin’ It Out (for all instruments)
Dom Minasi-guitar, Ken Filiano-bass and Jackson Krall-drums, demonstrate, perform and discuss how to incorporate, within the jazz repertoire 21st century techniques. Using the arrangement of Satin Doll, from the CD "Takin' The Duke Out" and other standards, they will give examples of some of the ways to incorporate free-form improvisation, motifs and pedal tones within the same arrangement. The trio will also demonstrate both the ‘in & out ' versions of improvising and how to create soundscapes and re-harmonizations based on Dom's books, A Guitarist Ultimate Guide to Chord Construction and Substitution (D.O.M.Music Pub.) and Stress Points (Sunrise Artistries). Handouts are available.

"The Art of Takin It Out" is now available for purchase at Mike's Master Class