Solo CDs
Dom Minasi
Me Myself and I
The Dom Minasi Guitar Quartet
Eight Hands One Mind
Dom Minasi
Remebering Cecil
Dom Minasi - Juampy Juarez
Dom Minasi - Nora McCarthy - Ras Moshe
Manna For Thought
Dom Minasi - Jack DeSalvo
Soldano Dieci Anni
Dom Minasi & Chris Kelsey
Dom Minasi & Blaise Siwula
The Sunshine Don't Mind My Singing
Dom Minasi & Hans Tammen
Dom Minasi & Michael Jefry Stevens
Angel's Dance
The Girl, The Bird and The Donkey II Dom Minasi & Karl Berger
Remi Alvarez Quartet feat. Dom Minasi
Live at Vision Festival
Looking Out Looking In
The Girl, The Bird and The Donkey Minasi-Siwula
Live at The Matt Bevel Institute
Dissonance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder The Vampire's Revenge Quick Response Time Will Tell Goin' Out Again
Takin' The Duke Out Finishing Touches Hemmersam
Minasi Quartet
I Have A Feeling I've Been Here Before When Joanna Loved Me
As a Sideman
Carol Mennie
I'm Not a Sometime Thing
Ron Aprea
Pays Tribute To John Lennon
Joe Giardullo
Red Morocco
Ernie Andrews
Girl Talk
Dennis Moorman
String Duets
Blaise Siwula
Stan Edwards
Play Me Hearts & Flowers
New York Moments
Ron Smith
Ron Smith Quartet
Blaise Siwulas
Dialing Priviledges
Dominic Duval/ Michael Jefry Stevens Quintet
New York Moments
Total Improvisation