Children Songwriting
Starting with the history of the blues, covering down-home Blues, Rock & Roll and Jazz. The children are guided through a step-by-step process that teaches them how to write songs. Using literacy as the main objective, each workshop covers grammar, spelling, rhythm, musical terms, rhyming and poetry put to music. Listen to Dom's Children's Song, Momma, It's Cold Out Here featuring vocalist Devin Ratray.

Duets: How Piano and Guitar Can Learn To Play Together and Love It.
Dom Minasi, guitar, Michael Jefry Stevens, piano
It’s unusual to hear two chordal and percussive instruments play well together. This workshop will encompass the different techniques needed to do just that.  Dom Minasi & Michael Jefry Stevens will demonstrate single note improv, chords, chordal clusters, the use of the ‘wall of sound, concept’ space, odd time signatures with the 4/4 meter, how to listen while still being free and yet stay musical at all times.

Reading Rhythms
A four- week intensive course to jump-start musicians and singers to read basic and complicated rhythms. Based on Dom’s recently published: A Singer’s Guide to Reading Rhythms.